AK Meeting 2020 (canceled because of COVID-19)

Dear AK members,

we have now decided that, despite the positive local developments around the COVID-19 pandemic in the last weeks, it is likely not possible to have a successful and safe physical meeting with people from all over Germany in July.

Regrettably, we therefore have to cancel the meeting. We will set a new date as soon as we feel this can safely be done.

I am currently entertaining ideas about possible virtual activities of the AK. Maybe this can at least somewhat compensate the loss of physical interaction. I will send around information about this in due time.



Preliminary programme

As in our previous meeting, we aim at having a mix of talks, workshops and discussion groups.

Lightning talks

We have scheduled two sessions for lightning talks at the beginning of the meeting, which will allow all participants to present themselves and their research in a lightning talk.

Invited talks

Additionally, we will invited a number of people to give a longer, invited talk.

Invited talks will be announced here soon.


We have a lot of time scheduled for Workshops and Discussion groups.

Workshops are supposed to last approximately 90 minutes and provide a practical introduction to a topic of interest. Confirmed workshops:

  • Florian Hartig: Residual checks for GLMMs with the DHARMa R package
  • Maximilian Pichler: An introduction to Machine Learning with Keras / TensorFlow in R

If you would like to offer a workshop, please contact Florian Hartig

Discussion groups

Discussion groups can be suggested by participants upon registration, or until the beginning of the meeting. As last year, we aim at having 3-6 discussion groups, either for a general discussion on an ecological topic, or a paper project etc.

Preliminary schedule

Wednesday Thursday Friday
Invited talk


Invited talk 

Discussion group / Workshops

Lunch Lunch
Invited talk

Lightning talks 1

Discussion groups/ 


Coffee break Coffee break
Lightning talks 2

Invited talk


Invited talk