AK meeting canceled because of COVID-19

Dear AK members,

we have now decided that, despite the positive local developments around the COVID-19 pandemic in the last weeks, it is likely not possible to have a successful and safe physical meeting with people from all over Germany in July.

Regrettably, we therefore have to cancel the planned meeting. We will set a new date as soon as we feel this can safely be done.

I am currently entertaining ideas about possible virtual activities of the AK. Maybe this can at least somewhat compensate the loss of physical interaction. I will send around information about this in due time.



AK Meeting 2020 / corona update / other news

Dear all,

as I had already announced via Email a while ago, we are / were planning to have an AK meeting at the Waldschlösschen in Göttingen from 22-24 of July this year.

  • There is now a webpage with a preliminary programme for the meeting. Updates about the meeting will be posted there
  • Of course, the Corona situation makes the meeting somewhat uncertain. Given that we are all traveling local and don’t have to make major preparations for this, Johannes and I have decided to delay registration for the meeting until mid April.  We will then re-assess the situation to determine if a meeting in July looks possible / probable, and let you know. Until then, please keep the dates blocked in your calendar!

Also, I wanted to let you know that Cedric Scherer is now co-tweeting from out AK twitter account, so be prepared for a surge of dataviz and ggplot activities 😉

Cheers, and be save in your home offices,


Register now for the first IK Computational Ecology meeting 17.5. – 19.5. 2017 in Göttingen, Germany

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the first meeting of the GFÖ special interest group for computational ecology

  • When: Wed, 17.5. (evening) – Fr. 19.5. 2017 (lunch time)
  • Where: in the Waldschlösschen close to Göttingen, Germany


The meeting will start on Wednesday evening  (17th of May) and last until Friday, lunchtime (19th of May). In line with the discussion during our inaugural meeting at last year’s GFÖ, the program of the meeting will consist of

  • Short talks (5 min) of all participants to introduce their research interests
  • Mini-excursion
  • Discussion groups on subjects related to computational ecology, organized and lead by the participants

The goal of all activities is to get to know each other,  and develop new collaborations or research questions between IK members.

Accommodation and registration

The Waldschlösschen provides lodgings (2 nights in single rooms) and full board (3 meals a day) for a price of 132 EUR per person. We have reserved a sufficient number of rooms, but to confirm them, we require a definite confirmation of your attendance before the 7th of February.

Please register for the meeting here.

With many hopes for an inspiring first IK meeting at this great location

Florian Hartig, Emanuel A. Fronhofer, Alexander Kubisch (AK speakers), Johannes Signer (local organizer)

ps: if you want to print / post this invitation, you can find a pdf here.




Save the date – IK Computational Ecology meeting 17.5. – 19.5. 2017 in Göttingen, Germany

It’s our pleasure to announce the tentative date and location of our first IK meeting:

  • 17.5. – 19.5. 2017
  • In the Waldschlösschen close to Göttingen, Germany
  • Local organizer: Johannes Signer, University of Göttingen (many thanks to Johannes already for organizing the location)

We have pre-booked the rooms already, and will open the application / call for topics (see report from the inaugural meeting at the GFÖ 2016) towards the end of this year.

Waldschlösschen im Schnee
Waldschlösschen im Schnee by James Steakley, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Report from the GfÖ annual meeting 2016

Good news! Last week, the general assembly at the GfÖ 2016 officially recognized us as a new IK (i.e. initiative group). We will be able to request the formation of a “full” special interest group of the GfÖ at next year’s annual meeting, which will done jointly with the BES and NECOV in Ghent, Belgium.

During the well-attended first IK meeting, we talked about what to do next. First of all, infrastructure-wise, we will for now organize via

  • This blog
  • Our twitter channel @AKCompEcol
  • An email list that we are setting up as I write.

What we talked about most is what activities we could do / organize. The final decision was to have our first IK meeting in Spring 2017, with

  • Introductory (very short) talks of all participants to get to know each other and to get an overview of topics and methodologies.
  • Plenty of time for discussions (either on a general topic aimed at finding possibilities for synergies between statistics, modeling and theory, or in breakout groups to be declared beforehand). We will send around a questionnaire to collect further ideas before the meeting (e.g. for discussion groups and / or general organization).
  • 2-3 days at a place that is centrally located in Germany (there were suggestions for Frankfurt or Göttingen, each with volunteers for the organization).

We had many other good suggestions from the group that we have noted, particularly regarding connections to other groups (e.g., YoMos, AK Macroecology, AK Plant Population Ecology), activities at the upcoming joint GfÖ/BES (a session, potentially joint with the BES SIG Quantitative Ecology), and other meeting forms. We are going to follow up on those and will report back once we have concrete results.

In the meantime – if you haven’t done it, do not forget to fill out the questionnaire and/or follow us on twitter @AKCompEcol to keep informed about the group!

Welcome to the new website of the special interest group for computational ecology of the GFÖ

Welcome to the new website of the special interest group Computational Ecology of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GFÖ).

The idea of this newly founded group is to provide a platform within the GFÖ for people that work with ecological theory, statistics, and modeling / simulation.

We will add a more substantial post on the goals of this group in the near future. In the meantime, you can

  • Express your interest in the group by filling in the questionnaire here
  • Join our inaugural meeting at the GFOE 2016 in Marburg, Tuesday, 18.30
  • Follow our new twitter handle @AKCompEcol