IK activities at the joint GFÖ / BES / NECOV / EFF meeting in Ghent

Dear IK members,

we are looking forward to seeing many of you at the joint meeting of the GFÖ / BES / NECOV and EFF in December in Ghent.

We wanted to update you about the activities of the AK during the meeting:

  1. Pre-conference Hackathon: The IK is co-organizing a pre-conference workshop “Ecology Hackathon: Developing R Packages for Accessing, Synthesizing and Analysing Ecological Data”, sponsored by the journal “Methods in Ecology and Evolution“, together with the BES Quantitative Ecology Special Interest Group and the NeCov Ecological Informatics SIG. The idea of this event is to jointly implement some useful R code / packages in teams made up by the people that join the workshop. We hope this will be a great opportunity to learn new things, make useful contacts, and contribute something to the community. So, remember to sign up for the Hackathon when you register for the conference, and regardless of whether you will join or not, you may suggest topics the group could work on here.
  2. IK session: Are we any good at simulating ecology? Success and future challenges in ecological simulation models. As announced earlier, together with the YoMos and the SIG QE of the BES, we have organized a session to reflect on the status and future of simulation models in ecology. The time of the session is not yet fixed, but what we know is that we have a fantastic list of speakers from different areas of ecology, so look out for the session and we hope to see you there. Note also that we are planning to connect the session with a walk-around in the poster area, focusing on posters of early-stage researchers with IK-related interests.
  3. IK meeting:  The IK meeting will be held together with the SIG QE of the BES and the YoMos at the conference center. The plan is to follow the BES SIG tradition and make this a bit more of a social mixer with a few drinks and snacks. The positive side of this is that there will be more room for meeting people, the negative is obviously that this doesn’t allow for a structured discussion on future activities and the like. However, all in all we had the feeling that we are better off using the context of the joint meeting to socialize a bit, and move discussions online or to our “normal” GFÖ meeting next year, where we are among ourselves again. If you think that there are urgent things that need to be discussed within the AK, please let us known though.
  4. IK / AK: Finally, a heads up that we will propose at the GFÖ assembly to transform the IK (Interessenskreis) into a normal AK (Arbeitskreis). For people that have no idea what we are talking about – this is the normal procedure in the GFÖ for establishing a permanent interest group, the IK is a kind of “test phase”.

All the best, and see you in Ghent

Emanuel and Florian (AK speakers)







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