Report from the first IK Computational Ecology Meeting

Dear all,

with apologies for the massive delay in posting this, we are pleased to confirm that our first AK meeting in May did indeed take place, as announced, at the Waldschlösschen in Göttingen. We had a great time, discussing science, sitting in the sun, and catching up with old friends.

About the science: apart from short talks from all participants, we had structured the meeting around a number of discussion groups, proposed and led by some of the meeting participants. Those were

  • Synthesis and predictions in ecological models (Carsten Dormann, Lionel Hertzog)
  • Interactions in modelling species distribution: What could be next? (Heike Lischke)
  • Next generation movement models (Ulrike Schlaegel, Stephanie Kramer-Schadt)
  • Hybrid model designs to merge individual-based (bottom-up) with equation-based (top-down) processes (Gudrun Wallentin)
  • Mini-workshop: Machine Learning Bootcamp for Beginners (Masahiro Ryo)
  • Infections on the move (Cédric Scherer & Stephanie Kramer-Schadt)
  • Eco-evolutionary simulation approaches for macroecology (Mikael Pontarp)
  • Advanced Methods for species distribution modelling (Bogdan Caradima)
  • Simulation models and coexistence theory (Felix May)
  • Cooperation between IK Computational Ecology + Young Modellers in Ecology YoMos (Theresa Stratmann)

We may post some of the results of these groups in the next weeks, but if you are particularly interested in one of the topics, you may want to contact the group facilitator directly to hear what was going on.

To end with an organizational note: from what I could gather, people liked the venue a lot, but we were at capacity with 33 participants. Our apologies to the people that couldn’t join for lack of space. We’ll have to see how the demand develops over the next years, but we will try to see if we can get a larger venue in the next year (the alternative would be to meet at a university and get hotels in town, but this is of course less social).

The inevitable group photo



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