Status update IK Computational Ecology

Dear IK members,

it’s been a while since you last heard from us, so we wanted to share a few items of information with you about the current status of the IK.

IK Meeting in Göttingen: first of all, we were very glad that there was so much interest in our first IK meting. The unfortunate side effect is that we are by now booked out (33 participants), and had to create a waiting list. We are still hopeful, however, that we will be able to accommodate most people that wanted to join. In any case, we are very much looking forward to seeing so many of you at an exciting first IK meeting in Göttingen.

Activities at the BES / GFÖ: secondly, we wanted to inform you that, together with the YOMOs and the SIG Quantitative Ecology of the BES, the IK will convene a session “Are we any good at simulating ecology? Success and future challenges in ecological simulation models” at this year’s Joint Annual Meeting being organised by the British Ecological Society (BES), NecoV and Gesellschaft für Ökologie (GfÖ), in association with the European Ecological Federation (EEF), between 11th and 14th December 2017 in Ghent, Belgium. Apart from the interest in the session as such, we think it’s great that the computational groups in the BES and GFÖ are organizing something together, and we certainly hope there will be similar joint activities in the future. Also, there is talk about the IK supporting a hackaton organized by the MEE journal at the meeting, but this is not decided yet.

IK Members: we have by now around 120 people that have signed up for the IK. This is great! Nevertheless, there may still be many people that haven’t heard about the IK, so please do feel free to spread the word and forward the IK website or our sign-up link to potentially interested colleagues.

Mailing list: a comment on the use of the mailing list: if you are on the list, you can write directly to the list, you don’t have to write to us with the request to forward job / conference announcements! Also, remember that you can tweet us to retweet @AKCompEcol.

And finally, please to let us know if you have any comments / suggestions for the IK!


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